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The History of the Giles Family

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Cead Míle Fáilte!

Welcome to the history of the Giles Family in Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia and the United States of America.
Dedicated to her two sons Calum and Jamie, the following pages detail the ancestry of Claire Giles (now Paton) and her family around the world. In particular, the site is also a memorial to Claire's father Paddy Giles, who sadly passed away in 2001.
Paddy's ancient battle cry was an inspiration to all those who enjoyed sport in Ireland, and as much as it applied to his native Tipperary in the sports, it also applies to his family history.
So without any further ado...
"UP TIPP!!!"

NB: it should be noted that for forty years Paddy Giles tried to spread the divine word honestly and with utmost zeal. Sadly, he failed in his holy mission, and his family all followed the Kilkenny colours.
There is no accounting for taste...!

Should you have any further information you would wish to share on the families researched here please e-mail Chris or Claire at
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