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The History of the Giles Family

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The Kirwan Family

The following are Calum's and Jamie's confirmed ancestors:

John Kirwan (18?? - 1???) md Mary Walsh
Bridget Kirwan (abt 1 Feb 1841 - 19??) md Michael Gorman

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John Kirwan
18?? - 18??

John Kirwan was Calum's and Jamie's four times great grandmother.

John Kirwan married Mary Walsh. The lived initially in Tybroughney, and appear to have moved to Garrynarea between 1841 and 1849, both townlands to the south of Co. Kilkenny.

Mary died at Garrynarea on 27 FEB 1886, aged 64. In her death notice she was listed as a widow.


James Kirwan
b: Mar 1837
James was baptised on 19 MAR 1837 at Tybroughney, Co. Kilkenny. The sponsors were Thomas Quinn and Catherine Walsh (Source: RootsIreland).
William Kirwan
b: Oct 1838
William was baptised on 30 OCT 1838 at Tybroughney, Co. Kilkenny. The sponsors were Michael Rivess Esq and Mrs Garvey (Source: RootsIreland).
Bridget Kirwan
b: Jan 1841  d: 12/4/1887
Bridget was Calum's and Jamie's three times great grandmother - see below.
Mary Kirwan
b: Jan 1849
Mary was baptised on 19 MAR 1837 at Garrynarea, Co. Kilkenny. The sponsors were John Donovan and Catherine Delahunty (Source: RootsIreland).
Mary appears to have died in infancy.
Mary Kirwan
b: Jul 1851
Mary was baptised on 21 JUL 1851 at Garrynarea, Co. Kilkenny. The sponsors were Edward Walsh and Mary Walsh (Source: RootsIreland).

Bridget Kirwan
1841 - 12/4/1887

Bridget Kirwan was Calum's and Jamie's three times great grandmother.

Bridget was baptised on 1 FEB 1841 at Tybroughney, Co. Kilkenny, the daughter of John Kirwan and Mary Walsh . The witnesses were Michael Walsh and Judith Aylward (Source: RootsIreland).

She married Michael Gorman on August 6th 1861, and raised a family with him in Tybroughney (Source: RootsIreland).

Bridget died on 12 APR 1887 at Garrynarea, aged 41, after suffering from phthisis for 12 months. Her death record notes her as the wife of a labourer; her son John Gorman was the informant to the registrar on the same day (GROI/ 1887 D Group Reg ID 6110064 Carrick-on-Suir)


John Gorman

Mary Gorman

Patrick Gorman

Michael Gorman

Bridget Gorman

Catherine 'Kitty' Gorman

Ellen Gorman


Connecting to Calum and Jamie

(Unknown) McConville married Michael Gorman prior to 1876.

Daughter, Ellen Gorman, married Lawrence Murray between 1894 and 1908.

Daughter, Mary Murray, married Paul Prendergast in 1932.

Daughter, Mary Pauline Prendergast, married Patrick Joseph Giles 16/8/1960.

Daughter, Claire Patricia Giles, married Christopher Mark Paton on 24/6/2000.

Sons, Calum Graham Paton and Jamie Christopher Paton