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The History of the Giles Family

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The O' Shea Family

The following O'Shea members are related to Calum and Jamie: 

Daniel Shea (18?? - 1???)
Mary Shea (abt 1863 - 2/1/1913) md: Thomas Prendergast

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Daniel Shea
b: 18?? d: 1???
Daniel was Calum's and Jamie's three times great grandfather.
From the marriage record of his daughter Mary to Thomas Prendergast on November 26th 1888, in the parish of Templeorum, it is known that Daniel was her father, and a farmer (GRO Ireland, 1888, M, Group Reg ID 2482355, Carrick-on-Suir).
Children of Daniel SHEA and Unknown:
Mary Shea
b: 1863  d: after 1911
Mary was Calum's and Jamie's great great grandmother - see below.

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Mary Shea / O' Shea
abt 1863 - 2/1/1913

Mary O' Shea was Calum's and Jamie's great great grandmother.

From the 1911 census it is known that Mary was from County Kilkenny, and had married Thomas Prendergast in approximately 1886. By 1911 the couple had had eight children, though 2 had died before the census was taken. Mary could read and write, and was Roman Catholic. The family resided at Killonerry farm, between Carrick-on-Suir and Owning.

In the 1901 census, Mary was listed at Killonerry as 37 years old, Roman Catholic, able to read and write, and from County Kilkenny. Her husband Thomas was recorded as a 42 year old farmer, head of family, Roman Catholic (listed as 'Catholice'), able to read and write but not able to speak in Irish, and born in County Kilkenny. With them were their children Thomas aged 9 (scholar, can read and write), Daniel aged 9 also (scholar, able to read and write), Bridget aged 8 (scholar, can read and write), Paul aged 6 (scholar, can read and write), Alice aged 3 (cannot read) and Mary aged 1 (cannot read). Also in the house was 13 year old farm servant Bridget Houlihan, Catholic and from County Waterford (can read and write).
In the 1911 census, the whole family was again located at Killonerry. Mary was 45, noted as able to read and write, a Roman Catholic, and unable to speak in Irish Gaelic. Her husband was 50, and with them were six children, although the record states that they had had a further two children no longer alive. Also in the farm was 30 year old servant Margaret Hearn, from Kilkenny, able to speak in English and Gaelic.
Mary died aged 49 on 2 JAN 1913 at Kilonerry, after 12 months suffering from bubar paralysis, and 6 days respiratory failure. The informant to the registrar was her son Paul Prendergast (Calum's and Jamie's great grandfather) on 21 FEB 1913 (GRO Ireland, 1913 D Group Reg ID 5300133 Carrick-on-Suir).


Thomas Prendergast
b: 18?? d: after 1941

Recorded in the 1940/1941 register of electors in Killonerry, so presumably became a farmer like his father before him.


Daniel Prendergast
b: ???? d: 19??


Bridget 'Sis' Prendergast
b: ???? d: 19??


Paul Prendergast
b: ???? d: 1947 (approx)

Calum's and Jamie's great grandfather - see Prendergast page.


Alice Prendergast
b: ???? d: 19??

Alice married somebody by the name of Dee. They had at least one son, Thomas Dee (1932 - 21/10/2000). 


Mary Prendergast
b: ???? d: 19??


Connecting to Calum and Jamie

Mary O'Shea married Thomas Prendergast in the late Nineteenth Century.

Son, Paul Prendergast, married Mary Murray in 1932.

Daughter, Mary Pauline Prendergast, married Patrick Joseph Giles in 1960.

Daughter, Claire Patricia Giles, married Christopher Mark Paton in 2000.

Sons, Calum Graham Paton and Jamie Christopher Paton.


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