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The History of the Giles Family

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The Phelan Family

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John Phelan
b: 18??  d: 1???
John was Calum's and Jamie's three times great grandfather.
Little is known about John as yet, other than that he was a labourer, as identified in his daughter Catherine's marriage record in September 1882.
Daughter of John PHELAN and Unknown:
Catherine PHELAN
b: abt 1866  d:
Calum's and Jamie's great great grandmother - see below.

Catherine Phelan
b: abt 1860  d:  21/6/1924
Catherine, more colloquially known as 'Kate', was Calum's and Jamie's great great grandmother.
On September 19th 1882, 22 year old spinster Catherine married 24 year old baker Martin Colleton. The witnesses were Daniel Mulcahy and Bridget Crotty (GROI 1882 M Q4 Vol.4 p.193).
Kate became quite famous in the town for producing a type of bread roll known as "Colle's Baps"!
In the 1901 census, she and her husband Martin were listed with their children Martin, Annie, Maggie, Marianne, John and Patrick, as living at 30 Greystone Street in Carrick. In 1911 Kate and her family are then further recorded as being at number 20 Greystone Street, (with Marianne simply listed as Mary in this census). 
In 1914, their eldest son, also called Martin, having been a member of the 2nd Battalion of the Connaught Rangers for a decade, travelled to France and then Belgium to fight the Germans, but within weeks, on November 2nd 1914, he was tragically killed in action at the first battle of Ypres, an event that must have been deeply distressing for the Colleton household back home in Tipperary. Kate and Martin were notified of their son's death on December 8th 1914.
Kate died on 21 JUN 1924 at Greystone Street, Carrick-on-Suir, the cause of death being chronic bronchitis, as suffered for 2 months. She was noted as being aged 58, and a widow. Her son Patrick, present at her death, informed the Carrick registrar on the same day (GRO Ireland, 1924, D, Group Reg ID 2457074 Carrick-on-Suir).
Children of Catherine PHELAN and Martin COLLETON:

Martin Colleton
b: April 1884  d: 2/11/1914
Annie Colleton
b: before 1892  d: 1927
Calum's and Jamie's great grandmother - see the Colleton page..
Margaret Colleton
b: 3/1/1889  d: 26/3/1922
Mary Anne Colleton
b: 18/8/1891 d: 25/3/1922
John Colleton
b: 18/2/1894  d: abt 9/8/1935
Michael Colleton
b: 8/12/1897 
Patrick Colleton
b: 18/1/1900  d: 1900
Patrick M. Colleton
b: 16/3/1901  d: Apr-Jun 1942