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The History of the Giles Family

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The Congrave family
Only one member of the Congrave family has been identified so far:
Bridget Congrave (1819-31/3/1887)

Bridget Congrave
1819 - 31/3/1878
Bridget was Calum's and Jamie's three times great grandmother.
Bridget married Edmund Gorman on October 14th 1826 in Templeorum parish. At the time Edmund was resident at Three Bridges, although Bridget's address is not given in the Catholic marriage register. The witnesses were Honora Doran and Bridget Fogarty. 
It is not known when Edmund died, but it would appear to have been before 1850, as Bridget was noted in Griffith's Valuation of Garrynarea as the householder (as Bridget Gorman).
Bridget eventually passed away at Garrynarea on 31 MAR 1887. The cause was old age, 1 week, and she was noted as the widow of a farmer, resident at Garrynarea, in the parish of Owning. The informant to the registrar on the same day was her grandson John Gorman, of Garrynarea, who was present at her death.
John Gorman
b: abt 29 Oct 1827  d: ????
Michael Gorman
b: abt 3 May 1834  d: 19/2/1905
Calum's and Jamie's three times great grandfather - see below.
Patrick Gorman
b: abt 1838  d: aft 1901

William Gorman
b: abt 18 Mar 1839  d: ????

Bridget Gorman
b: abt 1855  d: aft 1901